Creating Experts

Back in 2003, Revit would change the way architects thought about process. The excitement I felt all those years ago would spread like a virus and all who came in contact with its greatness would be swept up in the coming apocalypse. There was just so many ground breaking, sea changing capabilities in this software; literally doing in 2 minutes what used to take 2 weeks. How could this not catch on?

Over a decade later and the question I have is this:

How do you make someone an expert?

Or put a little differently. What makes someone an expert?

Why doesn’t everyone understand how Phases work? Why can’t we all figure out what Schedule Keys are? Did you even know that there are such a thing as View Templates? I think the answer is basically experience, but could it be something else? Training is great, mentoring is required, evangelizing is in my job description, but I can’t make the horse drink (a Texas proverb, apologies). Maybe it’s something else entirely.

How are you fostering individual growth in your company? Are your experts treated differently by management? Are there incentives? What about accountability? Are you simply relegated to the ‘CAD Manager/Expert’ business model, sitting in the darkened cave in the back of the office, wishing everyone would just ‘get it’? Join us at DTS this summer and see what kind of experts we can help you create.

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