Dancing Our Way to Augmented Reality

I’ll be frank and say that I am not a fan of VR goggles. The “immersive” experience weirds me out.  It seems like the first step towards becoming a battery.


Augmented reality is more comfortable for me, and when you get down to it, technology has been augmenting our reality for quite sometime already.

A few months ago, I was contacted by Google to talk about Tango.

It’s an interesting concept, a handheld device that could see and process the world around it.  They were showing me ideas about how you could use your phone to guide you to the restroom by superimposing a path onto the floor. Another interesting demo involved superimposing a couch into a room so you could visualize a new furniture purchase. They showed me an early prototype of their tablet with eyes.

tango device

It’s a really interesting concept, and I think there is a ton of unknown potential.

I also think that if you give my mobile phone eyes, it’s going to spend a lot of time looking at the bathroom floor.



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