Dare to Disrupt says Anders Hvid at BILT Europe 2017

It’s a wrap at BILT Europe 2017. Held in Aarhus, Denmark, the European capital of culture, audiences were taken on a journey of new ways of perceiving digital developments.

At the opening, keynote speaker Anders Hvid, co-founder of Dare Disrupt and associated faculty member at Singularity University in Denmark, presented his take on digitisation as a mindset. He spoke of the difference between radical innovation and disruptive innovation and challenged the building industry to go beyond using technological development as the foundation of their regular work, daring them to disrupt their own businesses.

So what is disruption? According to Anders, ‘Disruption’ is a new product for a new customer that creates a new market and a new value system.

A great example…

… the year we abandoned our Nokia phones for iPhones. In other words, we gave up a small handy phone with a magnificent sound and a good battery life that was very user-friendly for a device with a dreadful sound and a short battery life that was the size of a wallet!

Anders pointed out, “Had Nokia launched the smartphone, we would have thrown it away, because it would never have lived up to our expectations for what a phone from that company should do.”

“But the iPhone was a new product for a new group of customers with no expectations about the iPhone being a really good phone – and all of a sudden, the value system for this type of product – a multi-device – was created,” Anders explained.

During his presentation, Anders central theme was the difference between linear and exponential growth. People perceive things linearly, but digitisation works exponentially. One of the areas in which this can be seen is robotics where development is moving really fast.

Read more from Anders Hvid here.

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