Data Day 2018, Gold Sponsor Spotlight – dRofus

This week, we wanted to introduce our Gold Sponsor for Data Day, dRofus! As a product that is specifically data focused we wanted to highlight to people this solution and what it can offer your company.

Can you tell us about dRofus?

dRofus is a unique planning, data management and collaboration tool that keeps the entire project team connected and on the same page.  We are purpose built for creating and managing project information and are used to validate design requirements against model development.  dRofus is a cloud-database where teams collaborate in real time to plan a building then use that information to design, build and manage the facility throughout the building’s lifecycle.  All in one shared location and with assurance that the information is precise, up to date and reliable.

dRofus is a true ‘single source of truth’ project planning and delivery tool that delivers a more accurate project, while at the same time allowing the project team to shorten planning and construction timelines, providing a real ROI to the team from the first project.

You are Gold Sponsor of Data Day 2018, Wednesday August 8, St Louis– what inspired you to sponsor Data Day?

dRofus is an advanced design management solution and as a company we see the future of design and construction being one that will evolve to being directed by data.  Data Driven Design is the future of the industry and it is out passion to get that message out to the industry.  Designing in silos leads to inefficient and if the AEC industry is going to deliver more accurate, quicker and better quality projects data is the path to do so.

How does dRofus leverage Data to seize its value for your business? 

As a data centric software it is important for our subject matter experts to stay up to date on how the AECO industry is utilizing data and be exposed to the latest data centric design technologies.

How do you help clients with their data management?

dRofus allows teams to manage a project’s requirements at the data level rather than the model level.  Models are great for managing project geometry and for physical coordination.  However, they struggle when we get to managing and validating specific department, room, or asset requirements and demands.  We help our clients manage a much more efficient Data Centric Design & Construction workflow!


If you could offer one piece of advise for those in the AECOM industry interacting with Data, what would it be?

The planning, constructing and operation of a facility is complicated and requires teams, consultants, and BIM tools to manage all of the different formats of data in a way that is efficient for the individuals consuming and presenting the project’s data. Rather than changing each team’s current workflow or introducing a new “app” that does one task true Data Driven Design requires a comprehensive solution that can be easily used by all team members and integrate with existing design tools such as Revit, ArchiCAD, Solibri, IFC compatible BIM solutions, and Excel.

To Register for Data Day 2018

Data Day, Wednesday August 8, 2018, St Louis, one day prior to BILT NA.  Data Day is known for its smaller audience, where attendees get a chance to interact with like-minded professionals, and have lively discussions about data. We all learn something from the interaction. Come join us…The registration link is: Registration

If you are already registered for BILT and would like to add Data Day to your registration (and receive $50.00 off), you can do so by ticking to attend Data Day in the agenda selection process.  To modify your registration please click here.





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