Data Day 2018 – One Month to Go!

BILT NA + Data Day 2018 has one month to go.  Are you:
Excited and ready to get your ‘data geek’ on ?, or Are you still on the fence about Data Day?
Maybe you’re thinking why should I go to Data Day? How can I justify another day away from work from my job? Will my boss agree to let me go to Data Day?

For those of you already signed up for Data Day, welcome. We have a great line up of speakers that will get you thinking, strategizing, and planning on how you and your firm will leverage data in the AECO industry in the coming year. I can tell you every year, after the conference is done, the attendees agree it is worth the time and expense to go to Data Day. You will learn, discuss, and meet other data minded professionals. Register Here if you haven’t yet.

For those who are still on the fence, let me encourage you to look at the speakers, topics, and issues we will cover this year in our schedule. So, what should you tell your boss?
• Data is king in the business world today, and those AECO firms that do not leverage data will be at a competitive disadvantage. The cost of the conference is justified on this basis alone.
• Attendees will see what the ‘state of the practice’ is currently, to properly assess:
o What others are doing?  We have a great group of speakers, with industry knowledge and data expertise.
o Where does your firm stand in comparison?
o What are the pitfalls others have encountered? By understanding what others have learnt, you gain a competitive edge moving forward, and will be more efficient in what you do, saving time. This is worth the cost of the conference.
o Where can firms gain leverage, added fees and clients based upon how/where others have found success?

Now, for some final points:
• Bring a variety of clothes, some for the air-conditioned venue, and summer clothes for going and exploring St. Louis in August (expect hot and humid).
• Make sure you stay well-hydrated while you are in St. Louis.
• Check out this site , for other locations to see in downtown St. Louis. If you are a baseball fan, unfortunately, the St. Louis Cardinals will be out of town during BILT NA (bummer).
• Get ready for a great conference!

David Haynes
2018 Data Day Chairperson

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