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The speakers have been selected !
The program has been set !!

I am very pleased and excited to announce that the Data Day 2018 speakers have been selected and the program has been set for Data Day 2018, August 8. 2018, in St. Louis

See the list of Speakers click here.

See the full Program click here.

There are two key aspects which make Data Day improved from previous years. That is not to say that the last two years were not fantastic, but Data Day’s mission is more focused, and the expertise shown by speakers is more diverse.

The two changes are:
1. The Data Day Committee has added educational labs this year. Computers will be provided in the labs. Labs were the number one request by last year’s attendees. Seating is limited, so choose wisely.
2. The Data Day Committee wanted to focus on design authoring software neutrality, and speakers educating the attendees on the why and how of the solution, rather than simply showing the end results.

The presentation lineup is as follows:

  • The recipe for a successful data play, Aaron Bridwell
  • Collecting data with Arduino’s and Rasberry Pi’s start to finish, Bill Debevc
  • Deconstructing databased workflows for room data, William Carney
  • BIM isn’t Big Data, yet!, Jon Anunson
  • Mission Control – analysing user behaviour on Revit projects, Konrad Sobon

The Labs are:

  •  How to use Power BI to Visualize Data from your everyday workflows, Jimmy Rotella
  •  Dynamo – Everyone’s Doing It – Attack of Data, Carl Storm.

Jimmy Rotella’s lab is the same as BILT NA (sold out), but we brought it to Data Day so the data centric attendees get a chance to attend, to ask data type questions. Carl Storm’s lab will not focus on the classic Revit to Dyanamo, or Revit to Dynamo to Excel workflow, but will focus on Mandril (an open-source visualization tool). Both labs will be fantastic, and I highly recommend these labs to anyone in the AECO industry that looks at project data and its visualization as a differentiator for your company/firm.

Data Day is known for its smaller audience, where attendees get a chance to interact with like-minded professionals, and have lively discussions about data. We all learn something from the interaction. Come join us…The registration link is: Registration

If you are already registered for BILT and would like to add Data Day to your registration, you can do so by ticking to attend Data Day in the agenda selection process.  To modify your registration please click here.

David Haynes
2018 Data Day Chairman

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