Data Day 2018 Speaker Spotlight: AJ Bridwell

Every year after the sessions, the attendees ask the Data Day committee for more sessions from an Owner’s perspective.  This year we are proud to announce, AJ Bridwell, Director of Customer Success at Invicara will be presenting at Data Day in St Louis about data from an Owner’s point of view. In his talk he will discuss how Owners perceive the value of data, and how the design + construction team can do so efficiently.

So make sure you come join us, August 8, 2018.  Data Day is a one day conference, held one day before the start of BILT NA.  It is a smaller group of data-centric professionals, which allows for great question and answer periods and discussion about how data is used to drive business decisions.  In the mean time, we asked AJ a few questions to better understand his unique point of view.


What is your background and current position?

I have 25 years in the industry, starting with Integraph (prior to AutoCAD as a viable platform). Integraph was a 3D design platform way back then. I have 15 years in Autodesk platform in the engineering/construction arena.

I joined Invicara about 18 months ago as the head of the BIMAssure product line. BIMAssure is focused on Owner BIM mandates. My key role no in the company is implementation for larger customers.


Why are you interested in the data side for the AEC industry?

My background includes working for a large government Owner (Department of Defense) and the Army Core of Engineers on 2,500,000 sf mixed use building, with lots of LOD 400 and LOD 500 modeling and data-centric information. The Owner had tons of data and an expectation to use that data post-construction. This was a daunting project to deliver, but at the end of the project I got to see how they used the delivered data for multiple uses downstream.


What is the title of your 2018 Data Day presentation?

The recipe for a successful data play…The main objective of the presentation is to find the sweet spot to both solve the Owner’s data needs and reduce design/construction team’s burden.


What will attendees learn/know after your presentation that they can use when they return to their daily job?

They will learn about:
• What is MVB (Minimal Value BIM), how it relates to the data side of BIM.
• A review of national BIM standards, and how to manage them, and how they relate to the Owner’s data needs.
• How to lighten Owner’s and Team’s workload to make it easier to deliver data value to clients.


Why are you excited to be a presenter at Data Day 2018?

I am excited to be able to share my experience and knowledge to help people to have a go-forward strategy, and to pass my data strategy workflow to others.

Join us at Data Day in St Louis August 8, 2018

David Haynes

2018 Data Day Chairperson

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