Data Day Attendee Spotlight

In the lead-up to Data Day, we thought it would be good to understand more about those who will be attending. Our first attendee to get to know is Josephine Valente, the Director of Virtual Building Technologies for Rosendin Electric, Inc. She has over 16 years’ experience with the company and has an integral role in BIM/VDC technology for the firm.

Josephine has a certificate in Virtual Design & Construction from Stanford University’s Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) Program, along with AGC’s Certificate of Management – Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM).

While she has been involved for many years in Building Information Modeling, she has recently begun investigating the leveraging of data in Rosendin’s projects.

We asked Josephine why she decided to register for RTC Data Day.

“For starters, curiosity. As an electrical design-build company, Rosendin has been involved with data, but I’m interested in what other like-minded companies are doing”, she explained.  “I want to learn from peers about how other firms are effectively leveraging data today”


Josephine was very interested in the group sessions planned for Data Day. These groups of people will have topics to discuss and then report back to the others on their conclusions.

Josephine stated “Data is something that needs to be extracted well, and this provides a foundation for success in our work at Rosendin”. She hastens to add, however “Data is not a simple or clean- cut thing.  I have run into a lot of brick walls trying to utilize data in an effective manner”.

Ms. Valante is looking forward to “opening the doors to what effective use of data makes possible” in her work. Come join Josephine at RTCNA Data Day, and explore the possibilities with others.

David Haynes, PMP RTCNA Data Day Committee


David is a Registered Architect and Project Management Certified Professional at Ideate, Inc. A graduate of the University of Arizona, he has worked as an Architect, contractor, developer and as the Corporate construction manager for a national retailer. Before joining the team at Ideate, he had his own successful architectural practice and was President of a commercial design–build construction company for 15 years.

David brings many years of experience with data in the AECO industry to the table and in 2015 received a Certificate in Data Visualization from the University of Washington

@dhaynestech | Find David on Linkedin.


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