Data Day – Review and Looking Forward

A quick look back

Data Day 2017 in Toronto was an event attended by a group of AECO professionals who were looking to leverage data to make better design/construction/owner-based decisions. The presenters varied in expertise, discipline, and focus. Attendees commented on how much they learned from the presentations and from the discussions during the day with other attendees.

I promised some additional information to those 2017 attendees:

1. There was a discussion of the different types of visualizations. Here is a URL with some of the most common visualizations, and their purpose:

2. If you are a ‘book’ kind of person, the following is considered the standard for visualizations:

3. Lastly, for those not familiar with Edward Tufte, I highly recommend his courses as a primer for all of those starting down the data journey.

Now looking forward

Data Day 2018 in St.Louis, Missouri, at the Union Station Hotel, on Wednesday August 8, 2018. Data Day is held the day before the start of BILTNA, to focus on data and its implications on the AECO industry. We focus on the data gathered, analyzed, and visualized; and not the BIM authoring software.

This year, Data Day has a Call for Abstracts, to submit an abstract CLICK HERE.

Do you need to be an expert to attend or present at Data Day? The simple answer is No. The attendee mix has always been more about desire to learn, share, and discuss data, than it has been about ‘being the smartest kid in the room’. We are all on the journey to leverage data, and we all have a perspective to share, and most of all, there is always something to learn.

Registration will begin around mid March.

Reach out to me with any questions at

David Haynes – @dhaynestech
2018 Data Day Committee Chairman

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