Data Day Speaker Chat #1

In the lead up to our inaugural Data Day, we thought it would be good to profile each of our speakers to give you a chance to get to know them a little beforehand.

One of our speakers is Guy Messick, Director of Design Intelligence for IA Interior Architects. We asked him how he anticipated being able to contribute to Data Day, in terms of supporting growth and reform for the AECO industry with respect to its capability and maturity of dealing with data.

Guy: As an Architect with over 32 years of experience, a data driven design expert with over a decade of using Revit in BIM and currently a thought leader in bringing life-cycle data strategies to global clients, my perspective is often valuable.

RTC: What lessons have you learned that would benefit the AECO/FM industry?

Guy: As our clients have grown in size and both their delivery methods and staff recruitment and retention needs have become critical, my role has expanded alongside. The primary lessons I have learned in serving these clients are:

  • All data strategies must align with business goals.
  • In order to show clients and deliver that alignment, you must be prepared to innovate.
  • Listen to your client, then research what they do not know about themselves and package that in useful form.
  • You cannot wait for clients to ask you to innovate.

RTC: What challenges did you face that you have overcome or are still wrestling with?

Guy: The primary challenges I see in this space are:

  • Assumptions by software companies as to what data clients are really consuming and managing.
  • Project phase silos in both design firms and builders companies that do not allow required coordination.
  • Clients and real estate entities that are still using outmoded methods for cost and schedule management.

Guy: I look forward to sharing what we have learned at IA, and while focused on interior architecture, I feel that there is great value there in understanding the role of life-cycle data management.

Space Plan

Stay tuned for further news about Data Day and insights from our other speakers!  Only a few weeks to go!

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