Data Day 2017

Looking forward for 2017: What is Data Day?

First, thanks to all who attended Data Day 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona. About 50 attendees started the journey to learning how data manipulation and analysis will be a new frontier for AEC firms. Data Day 2017, will be held in Toronto, Canada, and is in the planning stages right now.

Second, I am humbled that I been asked to head the Data Day Committee for 2017. Many thanks to Chris Needham for his leadership last year, and his continuing assistance this year. Also on the Data Day committee is Tammy Adolf, of Stantec.

The Data Day Committee has sent out a survey to assist us in planning Data Day 2017.  So far we’ve had a great response (thank you!).  There is still time to provide your input if you haven’t already ( .

The committee is often asked about what is the difference between BCS and Data Day. I think the most straightforward answer is:

  • The Building Content Summit is an event dedicated to expanding the knowledge of all those involved in creating and maintaining BIM product information by bringing together thought leaders from across the commercial construction arena.
  • Data Day deals with the development of all manner of data. Within our AECO industry: model-embedded or model-connected data relating to space, room, occupancy, iOT, model performance, etc., as well as asset data. Data Day also focuses on how to analyze and visualize (inside and outside of the authoring program) the data that has been created to develop actionable business decisions.

There is some overlap in purposes, but also some goals that are different. If you feel you have something to contribute as a speaker at Data Day, please reach out to a committee member.

Stay tuned for more information regarding 2017 Data Day, via this blog, or follow the event on Twitter at @AECODataDay.

Please reach out to any of the committee members with questions. I can be reached at; Tammy at; and Chris at

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