Data Delivery to Owners – What do they need?

Kelli Lubeley of Fortis Construction ( ) will be presenting data from a Contractor’s point of view. The Data Day Committee reached out to Kelli to get her perspective.

What got you first involved in data investigations with BIM + buildings?

I would have to say it was during my first foray into using DB Link with Revit around 2007.

I’ve always been a bit of a numbers nerd, but seeing the model converted into a traditional database that could be analyzed and manipulated opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. I couldn’t wait to dig into new ways to use information I could extract! I’ve managed to present on a few different pet projects of mine involving BIM and data usage over the years.

What do you personally find about data that is interesting/geeky?

That we can learn so much from the same set of data just by look at it in various ways.

What is the title of your presentation, and why did you pick this topic to present?

Data-Driven Deliverables: Giving Your Clients What They REALLY Want

Since my transition from the design side of the industry to the construction side, this is the first topic I have really focused on that I feel is not only something not everyone is familiar with, but also something that can really make an impact for many working with BIM and data.

Why are your clients interested/requiring data reporting/visualization as part of your company’s deliverables?

We work with several forward-thinking clients that constantly challenge us to provide a better deliverable. Our team identified closing the gaps and redundancies in data from design through maintenance as a key improvement in the construction hand-over process. The process I am presenting covers our solution to this universal struggle.

What is the one thing a DataDay 2017 attendee will learn or know after the presentation?

How anyone can provide coordinated data deliverables to their clients!

Come and join Kelli Lubeley ( @KLubeley) at DataDay 2017 in Toronto, Canada on Wednesday August 2, 2017.

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David Haynes (@dhaynestech) 2017 Data Day Chairman


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