DBEI – A Call to Arms

The Digital Built Environment Institute (DBEI) is born!

If you attended the BILT event in St Louis this year, and were in the room and awake on Friday morning(!), you heard me talk briefly about DBEI, and about some of the possibilities that the establishment of the Institute will provide. Over the coming months, I want to write a series of blog posts that begin to set out my thinking on what this means, and that also solicits your input and involvement in defining the possible structure and role that the institute may take on.

Because, and this is truly critical….  the only way for the Institute to truly fulfil its potential is for it to be broad-based, inclusive, open, and have the buy-in of all members of the broader AECO community. Not just architects or engineers, not just Revit users or ARCHICAD users, not just North Americans or Europeans, this community must be globally broad, and full industry representative. It must be built by us all, not by any one interest group, corporate entity, or regional body.

And to do that, we must have input from us all. In that talk at BILT, I showed a slide with a series of boxes for the various services, resources, and values that DBEI could provide, but I did not show any content in those boxes. That was because I need YOU to start suggesting what should be in those boxes, and when we have done that, I need all of us to debate which ones to follow through. In an upcoming post I will talk about some of the things that we have already discussed that might go in some of those boxes, but first, let me remind you of how to start that process:


Some of you have already used this link to contribute thoughts and ideas, to offer encouragement, to volunteer help, and I thank you! Please take a few minutes to email us via this link and tell us what you think the Institute could / should become, what it can do for you. If you are unsure, then send us an email to let us know where you think the weak points in our industry lie. You may not be able to offer a solution right now, but perhaps you can kick off a discussion that might eventually lead to that solution. Remember, to find success, we must act. The first step is simple. Email us your ideas. We will get them in front of a broad audience, and together we can build something extraordinary.

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