DBEI: A New Era

If you haven’t been living under a rock over the past few months you may have noticed a change – from RTC to the Digital Built Environment Institute (DBEI) – in some new events and communications. This change hasn’t just been made lightly, in fact the reasons behind this change have been synonymous with the direction our events have been moving for quite some time.

Our History 

The legacy of the RTC name, and the Revit Technology Conference series, began when we were truly a Revit focussed event, back in 2005. 2 years ago the name of our primary event series, RTC, changed to BILT – Buildings, Infrastructure, Lifecycle, Technology –  to represent the changing nature of our events and to more accurately reflect the BIM community’s needs. Our goal now is not only to provide knowledge around software and technology, but to be a trusted builder of communities dedicated to the built environment. We are all about sharing knowledge, working smarter and more collaboratively in order to increase efficiency in our industry together.

So what’s changed now?
  1. We won’t just do events. As our event series have grown, in both numbers and regions, we need a brand that matches our vision and mission. Yes we run events – but our goal for the future is so much more than that. We aim to help develop and grow the community with future services, resources and outreach opportunities which we couldn’t deliver under the RTCem name: So expect more exciting news to come!
  2. We are now a not-for-profit. While our goal throughout the years has never been a for-profit exercise, operating officially as a not-for-profit enables our organisation and events to integrate with other similar communities and industry associations, allowing us to learn and grow with a wider audience. It also means that we are closer aligned to our mission and goals as an organisation.
What hasn’t changed?
  1. Our values, vision and mission. Our goal is to be recognised as a trusted builder of communities dedicated to the built environment. With this name change, we feel this suits our community more closely.
  2. Our Events. The core goal of our events will not be changing, while we have a few format changes to this year’s events, the core purpose and goal will not change. They will now simply sit under the DBEI brand in an effort to ensure we continue to push for a collaborative approach and vendor/software neutrality.
  3. Our team. We are the same people with the same committee members volunteering their time and effort into the running of our events. RTCem will remain our Event Management company, however the Digital Built Environment will host our events.
What does this mean for me?
  1. You get to remember another acronym! (yes we know…)
  2. RTC Events Week will now be known as Digital Built Week
  3. Our new website, which will launch in early 2019, will be your new hub for all event and community related information globally. More information to come soon!
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