DBEI Night

Continuing our programme of industry engagement throughout the year. Rexter has been busy pulling together a fantastic programme of bi-monthly free to attend DBEI Nights in Singapore and Hong Kong. At each evening seminar we’ll bring expert speakers from industry to showcase two topics over dinner.

In an effort to keep diversifying ourselves; this month we’re sponsored by Graphisoft and hosted at the Singapore Institute of Architects. 40 dedicated BIM specialists turned up to listen to our speakers for the evening:
Jorge Beneitez, a Managing Partner of Enzyme, a Hong Kong based company specialising in high-end, sustainable Architectural and Interior Design solutions developed using BIM and other parametric design tools speaking about concept and preliminary design workflows in ArchiCAD, and; reprising his performance from this years BILT Asia 2017 conference, Behzad Meskini, Head of Integration Design and BIM Manager for DP Architects in Singapore, spoke about detailing and presentation techniques using Autodesk Revit and Inventor.

Bringing you top caliber speakers, exiting topics, and dinner all for free, requires a little sponsorship. A big thank you goes out to Graphisoft for making the August event possible.

We’re looking for speakers and sponsors for future DBEI Night events. If you’re interested in participating, please drop Rexter a line at rexter.retana@dbeinstitute.org.

To find out what’s on and to sign up to attend the next DBEI Night, visit our event micro-site at:

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