Our registration process is broken and it’s all your fault! Kind of. Well, not really. Okay, it’s not your fault.

As you all know, RTC North America has really grown over the past six years. Our registration for the North American event has increased from around 250 the first year to what we anticipate will be around 750 in 2016. We’ve also grown from being a single event, to practically an entire week of activities between BCS, DTS, RTC and something else we haven’t even announced yet.

In the process, we’ve learned something that’s a bit embarrassing. We’re outgrowing our present registration website because of some fit and finish issues.  Our present process overly complicates your registration in the event you’d like to attend multiple events  – a fairly common occurrence.

However, we can’t fix a problem now. The Australasian event is only about nine weeks away North American registration is set to open very soon. If we were to start over with a new registration process it could be a Very Bad Thing™.

  • Bad: It’d break it while we work out all the kinks.
  • Worse: We might lose a few registrations.
  • Horrible: We’d have to go back and manually untangle everything to move forward.

So we need to select a better process and start testing now. But we need to get to the end of all the 2016 events to actually implement the solution.

What does this mean for you?

In practical terms, try to think about all the events you’re planning to attend in 2016 in North America. When you register, you’ll have the option to register for multiple events via radio buttons. Not radios buttons for each event, which would be great. But it’s not something the present system allows. We have to create a radio button for each permutation.

Unfortunately, with 4 events, that’s unique 15 permutations. Sorry about that. We’re going to really try to make that list as legible as possible.

So what happens if you register but change your mind and want to attend another event in the future? You’ll need to email Please be nice. Please be patient. It’ll take a day or so to get it fixed in the system and send a confirmation email to you.

We really care about your User Experience – and that includes the first touches – like registration. The present process may be inelegant…but it’s predictable and known. We don’t want to swap that process out with one that is less predictable, unknown and untested. Essentially one that looks pretty, but isn’t really thought through.

So as you register this year, please be a bit patient with the process. By next year, I’m sure we’ll have everything sorted out with a new and improved registration process. Nice and clean and modern. You’ll love it. Promise.

Ah, the price of success….

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