Design Technology Summit Collaboration Manifesto

Design Technology Leaders is an independent & agnostic collective of design technology leaders and directors of over 184 large firms internationally, with 240 participating members.

DTL is sponsored primarily by these firms and a number of related industry partners.

DTL maintains unique insight into challenges of AEC collaboration.

What does the Collaboration group do?

The DTL Collaboration group identifies common challenges and potential best practices of AE firms that affect productivity, efficiency, schedule, risk and reward. The group investigates and discusses possible solutions, establishes best practices and recommendations, and then shares the information.

The DTL looks to enable improved collaboration industry-wide, by providing a framework and environment for sharing ideas about resources, information, solutions and best practices commonly used by AEC professionals.

Enable teams to work together better to deliver a consistent product faster with more value to clients.

Empower architects and engineers with informed knowledge so they can lead the discussion.

What is the value of what we do?

Provide a collective voice from a large group of experienced AEC design technology professionals to lead the way to better collaborative approaches.

Reveal insight into the factors of project success that lie distinctly in the design technologies of AEC practices.

Who are we doing it for?

Our primary audience are the professionals in the AEC industry that need information regarding collaboration issues and solutions.

Where is this information accessed?

Information discussed, generated and published is available to participating members on and through established industry channels including AECBytes Magazine, DesignIntelligence, ArchDaily, etc.

Why are we doing this?

We know that collaborative practices can be improved and that successful or innovative collaborative practices should be normalized across the AEC industry.

Join us

If you would like to become a member of the Design Technology Leaders Group please contact and include your name, e-mail, title, company, company size, address (optional), company website and a brief response on “why you belong at DTS”?





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