Design Technology Summit Summer 2016

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Thanks to the survey results we received the DTS committee is moving ahead with planning a DTS for Summer 2016 in sunny (and warm) Scottsdale, Arizona at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. We have not nailed down specifics yet, but here are the highlights:

  • The Conversations are very important, but a healthy percentage understandably still need to feel like you’re walking away with something.
    • Our current thinking is a quick-turnaround of rough meeting minutes, followed by some type of summary of proceedings document.
    • We think that if attendees are sufficiently self-motivated they can use the proceedings/minutes documents to develop their own white-papers or other documents.
  • Conversations need to remain strategic with a bigger vision, however we need to balance strategic versus tactical discussions.
  • Voting favors a full two day event, but we are also considering a one and half day event.
  • We want to seek input during the registration process (so we encourage you to register early when the invite does come out!)
  • Sponsors are welcome, but they need to understand the ground rules, including sending technical people not just marketing/sales people.

The entire committee will be at AU this year, so we plan to steal some time to nail down our plans, look for information in December and into the new year.

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