Didn’t See That Coming…


Last year’s Early Bird Registration for #RTCNA sold out in just under 12 hours. This year I’m glad I didn’t place bets in the over/under poll for how fast we’d sell out this year! We were all pretty shocked, pleased and excited that we set a new record for 2015.

Early Bird Registration sold out in…54 minutes.

This is great news for all the Delegates, Exhibitors and Sponsors who are all investing their valuable time and resources in RTC.

It was really great to have everyone on the RTC Team in different parts of the world watching the registrations come in at a rate of over 1 per minute. Wes later confessed to walking through an art museum in Europe texting his excitement to the team rather than observing the art. 

What’s next? Our projections for total delegates attending this year’s conference may need to be revisited. Within the first 3 days of registration being open we’ve already met 35% of our goal.

So if you haven’t registered yet what are you waiting for? Head over to http://www.rtcevents.com/rtc2015na/  and sign up. We’ve got first class speakers, the finest sponsors and exhibitors and evening functions designed to help you relax while you network and share ideas with your business peers from around the world.

See you in DC!

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