Do Facilities Managers want BIM?

Do you work with facilities managers? Are they asking for BIM deliverables or getting involved in using BIM as part of their own workflows and processes? Or are they at the other end of the spectrum – not even quite sure what BIM is yet? Recent research published by The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) and summarised in this article on Workplace Insight, suggests that in the U.K. at least, the real answer lies somewhere in between.

According to the research, the majority of facilities managers believe that BIM has significant benefits to offer facilities managers and offers companies competitive advantage. Over 90 percent of respondents “agree or strongly agree that facilities managers would benefit from more familiarisation with BIM to be able to define the outputs in the BIM process”.

We would love to be able to offer more classes for facilities managers at next year’s BILT ANZ.   If you are working with a facilities manager, how about you submit an abstract to present a session together?  Sessions co-presented with clients always score bonus points in our assessment!  Or ask the facilities managers you work with what they would like to go and see themselves, maybe that will give you some new and different ideas for classes.  Abstract submissions are open until Thursday 26 October, visit our website for more details.

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