Don’t Be That Guy

All right everybody – I’ll let you in on a little secret. We keep a naughty list. The naughty list contains about five levels of purgatory

The first level of purgatory is for minor infractions (just put the glass down and walk away). The fifth level of purgatory will probably get you disinvited from attending future conferences.

Right around the second level of purgatory is where you go if you don’t turn in your session materials on time. The third level of purgatory is where you go if you turn them in after the conference. The fourth level of purgatory is where you go if you don’t turn them in at all.

Desiree Mackey and Nick Kramer are the speaker manager and program manager (respectively). They are very forgiving folk. And they’re also incredibly busy. And the last thing they want to spend their time on after a long day sweating over misbehaving BIM projects (I almost said models) is emailing, calling and cajoling speakers to turn in their session materials.

Allow me to illustrate. In the image below you can see BIM Managers, VDC Managers and otherwise brilliant AEC technologists from past events being tortured in a variety of horrific and creative ways. Their sin? Not turning in their session materials on time. Not even Pope Wesley can help these poor and wretched souls.


If only they’d simply turned their session materials on time: documentation, presentation and especially software requests for labs. Because next year you’re going to have an amazing idea that hands-down saves people time, money and makes you look like a superstar. But when you submit your session the committee is going to compare it to the naughty list and then decide if accepting your session is worth the stress and hassle based on past performance.

Suffice to say it’s usually not worth the hassle (not even with divine intervention). Not even when it’s this one guy, who to this day insists he had a really, really good reason to pull out of speaking obligations because he was really, really busy. Sooooo busy. Yeahhhhhh. Not good enough. Straight to level four purgatory.

People and businesses invest a lot of time and money to travel and attend BILT. We all want this conference to be the best of the very best of BIM conferences and that means no disappointed attendees. Ever. And according to post conference surveys, one of the greatest sources of disappointment for attendees is sessions that underperform. 

So there you have it! :-) The deadline for session materials is July 6: next Friday. Do you want all the glory and heavenly riches of being an amazing speaker who gets everything done on time? Or do you want to be cast down into the depths of BIM purgatory?

Choose wisely!

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