Dropping Dynamo Knowledge in Singapore

Last week, our monthly Forum for Advanced Revit Training in Singapore (F.A.R.T.S. for short) focused on Dynamo. Not just “Lets Talk About Dynamo”, but actually a very focused step by step tutorial on creating Singapore’s Marina Bay Helix Bridge.


I had been contacted a few months back by an ambitious young man in our local Revit community who had driven himself near to crazy developing the script.  I referenced his work previously.

It was great to give him the opportunity to give a live demo though and build up his skills as potential presenter for our next RTC in Asia.


And then as an added bonus, Zach Kron from Autodesk of BUILDZ and parametric pumpkin fame, happened to be in town and spoke about the nature of the DYNAMO platform, the history and where it is going.



Best of all though, is that this FARTS session had 90 attendees.  That’s a new record for us!


It was very rewarding for me to see this kind of interest developing coding skills.  All of these attendees have a place in the RTC family and my hope is we can get an awesome turnout in KL next year.

If you’re interested in Reiner’s dataset from the event, you can grab it here:


It’s in an older build of Dynamo, but its still fun to pick apart.


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