DTS 2017 – it’s a wrap!

Almost two weeks ago (already!), we held a lively and fruitful DTS in Toronto, just before the start of the first North American BILT conference.  Reflecting the broader mission of BILT, this year our 40+ participants hailed from a wide variety of backgrounds – Architecture, Engineering, Design/ Build, Subcontracting, Software, Product Manufacturing, and Consulting.  Some were locally based, and many came from far away.  And thanks to a south-facing sloped glazed wall, the conversation wasn’t the only thing heating up the room.

Some highlights of our conversation included:

* Innovation/ Invention relationship

* How we might find opportunities in cloud by revisiting mainframe computing

* Current portability and ubiquity of computing

* Evolutionary vs revolutionary disruption

* Fast-change and slow-change organizations

* Opportunity to Commodity

* Where should we look besides technology to spur innovation?

* How to keep the brightest minds thinking about pushing forward?

Past attendees of DTS know that we have always worked to make the conversation responsive to the room, and this year was no different.  On the second day, we settled in to the idea of publishing a position statement about what the industry needs in our design toolsets, picking up some momentum from our ‘BIM hangover’ theme last year.  Many thanks to HOK’s James Vandezande for sharing their user stories with us, which served as a great starting point and gave us much to build from.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank our sponsors, dRofus and Revizto.  Their support of our group helps bridge the gap between software and end user.  They also helped us create the comfortable environment we seek at DTS – supplying meals, coffee, refreshments, and other necessities that fuel an active room.

We’re all very excited at our opportunity to move our conversation to a wider circle beyond our 40-person room, and eager to share our work.  Stay tuned!  Exciting times lie ahead!

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