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The Design Technology Summit is another week closer. This gathering of AEC technology and BIM leaders has three subgroups. We updated you on the collaboration last week. The other two groups center on management and innovation. This week we summarize what’s happening in the Management group.


The management group is focused on advancing and maximizing the benefits of technology through successful and innovative management practices.  Efforts are centered around three related categories:

  • People – managing personnel and teams
  • Projects – managing the work of our firms and our departmental initiatives
  • Models – managing model content and integrity, libraries, and knowledge

The core value lies in the issues we share with each other in these meetings.  While there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, we can gain much from each other by being part of the dialogue; perspectives, suggestions, and criticisms are offered and debated, and we work to capture and share our conversation with the AEC community.


Our first projects will be published shortly.

  • The first is a review of how firms organize their Design Technology Groups
  • The second an Op-Ed style article weighing the benefits of billable and overhead positions.
  • Two new projects have been started that arose from February’s meeting.
    • We will continue the Op-Ed theme with a “Deep Expertise vs Nimbleness” article.
    • Second, develop the first in a series of briefs that distill relevant topics down to five key points.  “Five Questions to Ask About Training” will provide strategic questions for starting or overhauling a learning initiative.

Seats at the summit are filling up. Come and participate. If you would like to become a member of the Design Technology Leaders Group please contact secretary@rtcevents.com and include your name, e-mail, title, company, company size, address (optional), company website and a brief response on “why you belong at DTS”?

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