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Design Technology Leaders and the Design Technology Summit brings together professionals from large firms in the Architecture and Engineering (AE) design industry who have a responsibility for managing and implementing design technology. We all have challenges, and most are not unique.

Maybe you’re struggling with BIM content; perhaps you don’t know how to collaborate effectively across multiple BIM firms; or your design and delivery process lags behind technology advancement. DTS is an opportunity to discuss those challenges and collectively work toward common solutions.

As RTC approaches we’ve become aware of a synchronicity of interest between DTS and BCS; which coincidentally have overlapping schedules. As most of us will agree, the value of BIM is more than just the coordination of drawings. We can’t work well in a vacuum. There are downstream implications for fabricators, contractors and owners. The issues of content creation and management being discussed during BCS have a direct impact on the firms attending DTS. With these compelling drivers it makes sense to change the format of the Summit to take advantage of the unique opportunity to have a joint session with BCS to discuss and deliberate the issues of BIM content in the AEC industry. We will be joining our peers at BCS for the second day of DTS to help properly influence the creation of BIM content to advance the industry. This format change is clearly in the best interest of both DTS and BCS and we are excited about adding a new level of dynamism to the discussions by joining our industry peers attending BCS.

Thank you for being part of the Summit and the RTC community. Feedback is always welcome.

Safe travels to DC.

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