DTS Registration Updates: Women Power in Technology

Like RTC NA itself the first few weeks of open registration have been great for the Design Technology Summit (DTS). We are already 25% full, but we want to get to 100%! What is even more impressive is that one third of our current registrations are women; I also happen to know several other women in Design Technology Management positions that I personally plan to encourage to attend. I think THIS goes to show the growing role of women in AEC and while we may not be anywhere near parity, it’s great to see more women in management positions.

To that end, if you are in Design Technology Management for AEC I encourage you to sign-up. I believe we have a lot to offer and a lot to discuss and talk about. Several of our blog posts from this winter generated some social media buzz and we’ll be starting off next week with another round of compelling and hopefully thought provoking posts.

DTS is a great way to start your RTC Events North America 2016 week. We start with lunch on Tuesday, allowing you to travel in on Tuesday morning and our day and a half together is a great way to re-start existing business relationships or create new ones before moving on to RTC NA.

Not planning to attend RTC NA? You’re still more than welcome and encouraged to attend DTS. Furthermore DTS isn’t just about Revit or any one technology, it’s about the challenges that surround managing Design Technology in an AEC environment.

See you at DTS!

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