Dynamic Dynamo!

We have one of the best Dynamo speakers presenting at RTC Europe in Portugal, in just 7 WEEKS! Mr Håvard Vasshaug is the Design Technologist for Snøhetta in Norway. He received the top speaker position for his session, “Building Design with Revit, Rhino, Dynamo & Grasshopper” last year. He presented this class along with Thomas Benedict Holth from Dark Architecture.

This year he will be presenting two classes as the lead speaker and one other as a co-speaker. His first class is titled, “Impossible”, which will be presented on Thursday 20th October and will take you through a journey of a Snøhetta project. To quote him, “on a high profile building project in Paris, a façade team at Snøhetta modelled the living crap out of Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper and Dynamo.” This project seemed impossible but the designers scripted and automated the creation of one of the most complex Revit models ever made. This class will teach you how!

The second class is a double lab titled, “Bad Monkey Stream: Learn Dynamo”. We anticipate this is going to be one very popular lab. It’s got a global team teaching it. Håvard, of course, who is making his way from Norway, Julien Benoit from France, Marcello Sgambelluri from the USA and Adam Sheather from Australia! This will be a hands-on double lab teaching participants how developing custom scripts using visual programming helps them to automate and enhance BIM workflows. Make sure you’ve signed up to this one.

Last but not the least; he is co-presenting the class, “Dynamo for Rebar – Rebar Complex Geometries in Revit”. The main presenter for this class is Maximilian Thumfart. Maximilan works as a Senior Software Engineer at Thornton Tomasetti’s CORE Studio in London. The focus of this class will be to teach participants how Dynamo for Rebar works.

Sessions are filling up fast so make sure you register today. The countdown is on see you in 7-weeks!

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