Easy Money

As you’re preparing to attend BILTna, someone in charge is going to ask what it costs. But that’s not the only question you’re going to answer. The actual answer you’re going to give is what it’s worth. You’re going to spend $X to attend BILTna but your answer needs to be presented in terms of the return on the investment from your attendance.

Here’s a couple of useful ways to frame your answer:

– By attending BILTna, you’re going to make one person that bills out at $100/hr one hour more productive per week over the next year. Result: $5,000 increased productivity. 

– By attending BILTna, you’re going to get know-how and access to code and script samples that automate uninteresting, manual and error prone tasks that increase revenue of $100/hr x 10 hours a week over the next year. Result: $50,000 in increased revenue. 

– By attending BILTna, you’re going to attend nearly a dozen labs, lectures and keynotes that inspire you to think creatively and prepare you team to solve problems that help your firm win one more project compared to the previous year. Result: $1,000,000 in increased fees.

– By attending BILTna, you’re going to have access to more than 100 presentations to share with your team for one hour every other week for the next year so they’re more more effective, focused and have greater satisfaction in their work. Result: priceless.

And that’s it. Easy money. But what if the person in charge still says no? Then you’re working for an organization that doesn’t see the value in investing $1 to make $10, $100 or even $1,000. And what will it cost your firm when you leave them to work for their competition? A lot more than it costs to replace you. :)

Register today. https://www.rtcevents.com/bilt/na-events-week/

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