Easy to Showcase Your Art and Win!

With minimal time and effort, you too can be in the RTC Gallery to showcase your work and win prizes. Whether you are Contractor, Architect or Engineer… jump on the opportunity! How easy is it? It’s as easy as uploading your poster with a brief description > SUBMIT HERE for more details.


“Getting something together for the competition was easy. We had just completed in the office so everything was modeled, it was just a matter of setting up some views and rendering them.  At the time I was using the cloud so that was really quick. Then I recruited some of the other folks in the office who worked on the project to layout a couple of sheets, so it was an office effort!!! Once the boards were on display, it added a whole new excitement to RTC, it was great fun to see our work on display with all the others. It was a project where all the disciplines were using Revit and it was quite a tight fit, so I was thinking we’d be in the running for the integration category, but then it was a surprise to win in the rendering category, in hindsight if I had had to pick my own category I probably wouldn’t have.  The bosses were proud of the effort and very pleased about the win!”

Cathy Z. Hadley, Architect

Along with all the other perks of attending RTC, submit to enter and have a chance to win either an  iPad Pro (9.7 inch, 128GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular) or Runner Ups take home a prize valued at $600!

1st Prize iPad Pro

Last year’s RTC NA 1st Place Winners above (L to R) were:

  • Doug Nachtrieb, SSOE Group
  • Hany Iwamura, KPMB Architects
  • Simon Yew, IBI Group
  • Jeff Pinheiro, Turner Construction

Check out all our 2015 Competition winners and other entries HERE.

What are you waiting for? Get your poster ready today!

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