Even if you’re mildly familiar with RTC, you know that RTC is not just about technology. It’s also about knowing when to unplug and decompress with good friends. Like the image below – but with fewer friends. So with this in mind, the blog post for this week it’s still in theme with RTC. :)
sydneyIn a few short weeks and nearly 20 years to the day, Crowded House will be performing once again at the Sydney Opera House. The last time they performed in front of the Opera House was the “Farewell To The World” concert in November 1996 and by every account was an amazing event.

If you’re in Australia (or have access to a VPN proxy) the Australian News show 60 minutes recently interviewed Neil Finn and Nick Seymour. Some great backstory on the group, including a landlord that wouldn’t refund the band $1800AU on their flat because of soap stains on the shower screen.

Their upcoming shows are end of November 25th and 26th. That means you’ll be free and clear of AU! So if you scarf down an early Thanksgiving dinner and hop on a plane you’ll just about make it.

  • Will it be cheap? No.
  • Will it be memorable. Yes.
  • Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

So cash out your 401K and book your flights! Because if you’re an architect, it’s not like you’re going to retire anyway!

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