Engineering BILT just for you

Are you an engineer and want to attend BILT EUR, but not sure which classes are suitable for you? In this blog post, we will guide you through the highlights of our program giving you some recommendations on classes we think are just right for you as an engineer. An upfront disclaimer – the following is based on the authors personal opinion and shall only highlight classes considered to be of special interest for you. So let’s get started:

A Structural Engineers Guide to BILT Europe 2018

On the first day, when we finally get to business with the learning experience there are a couple of interesting choices:

  • David Sewell and Dan Chasteen on the Reality of Virtual Reality for example, considering how virtual reality can now also be used in structural engineering to explore and communicate engineering decisions.
  • Hrvoje Jukić talking about Modular Prefabrication Design in Revit – What happens on site? Sounds very compelling as well.
  • A must: Sonny Andalis talking on Parametric Models featuring Structural Evolutionary Solvers.
  • To finish off the day, there is Martin Taurer talking about an Aircraft Impact Simulation.

Quite a program for one day. But we won’t stop here.

Day two, now that we are all in full conference learning mode, we have an interesting opener –

  • Allan Cantos’ lab on Structural Data Mining using Revit-Dynamo-PowerBI Work-flow. Very technical interesting stuff.
  • After lunch there is Sonny Andalis with the Evolution of BIM Execution Plans (BEP). As structural engineers we are part of a larger project team to BEPs are vital for us.
  • Martin Lah and Grega Lajkovič talking about Implementation of BIM methodology to LIDL Logistic center project followed by
  • Maarten van den Berg talking about Reverse engineering for tunnel refurbishment with AutoCAD Civil 3D, Dynamo, Revit & Unity rounds up day two

Final day has come and some of us might still be a little bit tired from a long night out at the Friday Evening Dinner – but no excuse to miss:

  • Tony Woods talking about Innovation through 3D Bim in prefabricated Rebar solutions. Rebar. Now we are talking engineering.
  • Alternatively you can kick the day off with Håvard Vasshaug in a lab on Connecting parametric design and BIM through Grasshopper, Excel and Dynamo.
  • And bumper to bumper we follow up with Jostein Berger Olsen on Computational Thinking in Infrastructure Projects: Why, What and How.
  • Last class – Raghavendra Bhat and Joseph Huang talking about Wet Infrastructure – Collaborative Workflows – sounds compelling

Mechanical Engineers, we do care about you.

There are a lot of classes for Mechanical Engineering, just to highlight:

  • Adam Krug presenting Exploring the peripheries of Revit content – a manufacturer’s story,
  • Daniel Stine presenting a lab on Revit MEP Remodels and Alternates; Hands On as well as
  • David Delgado Vendrell talking about Multidisciplinary Data Exchange with ArchiCAD

– all on the first day! And you’ll be kept busy on day two as well with,

  • Riccardo Pagani talking about Etlik Health Campus: Dynamo & Revit for MEP Hospital design case study then again;
  • Daniel Stine this time on Dynamic Energy Optimization with Autodesk Revit and Insight as well as;
  • Simon Fiele and Jens Kristian Birkmose presenting a lab about Design, Connect, Calculate PIDs and 3d Models – by using only Revit.

You definitely won’t be bored on the closing day – here we have:

  • Peter Dragovic on Using BIM for Hydropower projects followed by;
  • Ralph Schoch about Awesomeness in Fabrication Parts and then back to back comes;
  • Michal Dengusiak presenting SAM (Single Analysis Model) – How to calculate MEP project in 30 minutes.

Feeling exhausted – the Gala Dinner is within close reach.

I’ll see you in Ljubljana!

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