Enter DTS

The Design Technology Summit (DTS) is here! This week, discussion ensues between design technology leaders (DTL) from some of the most respected AE firms in the country, on the challenges they are facing in their firms. Topics such as implementing BIM quality processes, innovation, support team management, organizational dynamics, collaboration workflows, BIM execution planning, project technology monitoring, and design process integration amongst others, are on the table to deliberate current and possible practices. BIM Content will be having a major focus in the Summit when the RTC Building Content Summit and Design Technology Summit join forces for a day.

With over 200 members and participating firms, the awarding of the first DTS Innovation Awards, and having been recently published in design intelligence,  this Summit is slated to be the most interesting yet. The DTL organization is also looking to plan the next step in its evolution at this summit.

Keep your eyes out for DTL members while you are at RTC and ask them for a recap on the summit. You might be surprised!


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