Europe’s Top 10…..Speakers!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…almost. We are 3 weeks away from Christmas and whilst everyone begins to wrap up, we begin our quest for BILT Europe 2017. The call for abstracts for BILT Europe 2017, taking place at the Radisson Blu in Aarhus, Denmark is opening very soon. But before that let us recap the top 10 speakers from RTC Europe this year in Porto, Portugal based on the feedback provided by all those who attended the event.

Here we go…

10 At number 10 we have, Sonny Andalis (Building & Construction Authority of Singapore). His
class, “BIM for Sustainability” showcased innovative ideas like Concrete Usage Index and productivity benchmarking tools like Buildability and Constructability Score.
9 David Spehar (Stantec) is at number 9, with his class “If Only I Knew How to Develop a BIM Training Program for Project Managers”. He presented this class along with, Robert Manna. In this session they taught how to successfully develop a training program to educate Project Managers and Design Managers on how to plan for and properly implement BIM.
8 We have Jay Zallan (Cuningham Group Architecture) at number 8, with his class “An Illusion of Knowledge | Re-Creating Learning and Teaching Techniques in AEC”. Also honorary mention, Jay Zallan was the winner of our Vision 20/20 competition and will be presenting his submission as a class at BILT Europe 2017.
7 Coming up at number 7 is Margarida Barbosa (Grape Architects) for her class “Optimising Construction Monitoring Processes with Reality Capture”. If you attended this class you now know how to acquire Photogrammetric Data for monitoring purposes. You know how to use Point Cloud Data for monitoring construction progress and quality and last but not the least you now know how to use sensors to ensure construction quality.
6 We have two sessions from one of our top speakers in Europe, at number 6. This is none other than Håvard Vasshaug (Snøhetta). The two sessions are:

  • Impossible
  • LAB: Bad Monkey Stream: Learn Dynamo

His class, Impossible, was one of our most highlighted classes. During this session he showcased a high profile building project in Paris that his company undertook. The issue, it wasn’t an easy feat to do so, but these designers scripted and automated the creation of one of the most complex Revit models ever made.

The Bad Monkeys Lab was by far one of our most popular labs. The class filled up within days of registration opening and by the time the conference was around the corner there was a long waitlist. He presented this lab along with Julien Benoit (Legendre Group)Marcello Sgambelluri (John Martin Structural Engineers) and Adam Sheather (AECOM).

5 Brian Mackey (BD Mackey Consulting) is at number 5. His class “Adaptive Components for Structural Engineers” helped you gain an understanding of adaptive components. It also uncovered some nuances in dealing with adaptive components and taught you how to create a few simple components that can be utilised daily.
4 Once again, at number 4, we have one of our top speakers from Europe with two
sessions. It is, Joe Banks (BVN). The two sessions are:

  • Real Time Rendering and VR for Revit”
  • LAB: Shared Nested Objects, Make Your Model Light, Efficient and Easy to Edit

Real time rendering is the only way to create a truly immersive 3D environment that a user can explore the virtual world with total freedom of movement. He showed a number of software options to get you from Revit to VR and oculus in as little as 2 clicks. This class was also the winning submission from last year’s competition.

The lab, again, was a popular class amongst delegates. It left delegates confident in creating and managing shared nested families, whilst saving time, file size and allowing less skilled users to create the content they need.

Now for the top 3!
3 At number 3, we have Anthony Hauck (Autodesk) for his class “Generative Design with Project Fractal”. In this class, he shared information about Project Fractal. This is a cloud computational design solution that combines project goals, constraints, and encoded building expertise to produce design options for exploration and elaboration.
2 Emil Edvardsen (INGENIØR’NE A/S) is at the second spot! His class was titled, “Use Revit MEP to Calculate Flow, Energy, and Secure High Quality”. He presented Revit MEP and how to calculate pipe and duct flow for everyday use.
…and at number…..
1 At the number 1 spot, we have one of RTC’s favourite speakers. In fact he was the top speaker at all the conferences in 2016! He is none other than, Marcello Sgambelluri (John Martin Structural Engineers). Two of his sessions at RTC Europe made it to the top spot:

  • Super Cutting Edge Revit Structural Modelling Techniques Using The Structural Analytical Model and Other Methods
  • Families in Motion: New and Exciting Methods That Make Your Revit Families Move

His class on Revit families, taught delegates how to create rotation rigs in massing and adaptive component families to make rotation. It taught how to create translation parameters in Massing and Adaptive component families to make rotation. Last but not the least, it taught how to create rotation rigs and translation parameters in massing and adaptive component families to make 3D and 2D rotation possible.

During his Revit structural modelling class, he taught how to use the latest cutting edge technology to help you model structure in Revit.

Get ready, if you plan on submitting abstracts for BILT Europe 2017 because they are opening very soon. We are currently calling for abstracts for BILT NA 2017 taking place in Toronto, Canada. You may submit abstracts for this event and for BILT Europe.

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