F.A.R.T.ing around in Singapore

So while all eyes were transfixed upon the goings on down in Gold Coast fro RTC Australasia 2015, A slow burn in Singapore is gaining momentum.  Last week, the Forum for Advanced Revit Training in Singapore (F.A.R.T.S) held a talk by Dimitar Venkov who presented a workflow on creating a DNA helix using DYNAMO.


Attendance at this talk set a new FARTS record.  Over 60 Reviteers and BIM Enthusiasts turned up to learn more about how Dynamo can be used in complex form generation.  Many thanks to Autodesk for hosting the meeting!



Dimitar is one of the selected speakers for RTCAsia 2015 so it was great to give the masses a taste of what the big event in September has in store.  Registration is coming soon so get ready!


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