Feel the Jungle – Attend RTC

A post on the Harvard Business Blog recently mentioned the notion of needing to “feel the jungle” in order to develop a sense of urgency among staff that need to get things done (don’t we all?). For example a sales person meeting with clients face to face every day is much more aware of the critical concerns they raise about the products they represent than product’s own designers or developers might be. The urgency to fix something is much more intense for that front line sales person than the person inside the “factory”.

In the context of deciding to attend an RTC event you may choose to stay away because your firm has not made up its mind about Revit and BIM. Well RTC might be just the thing to help you “feel the jungle”, to help the firm make up its mind. Spending three days with other attendees, people that live and breath the subject and the software, will have an impact on you and anyone that accompanies you. Talk your managing partner into attending with you that way they’ll get to see first hand how far behind the competition the firm is and how many firms are making great strides.

If you or your firm are on the fence about Revit and BIM, RTC may very well help give you the confidence to go for it!

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