Final Selections

Final abstract selections are wrapping up this week! The North America BILT Committee meets in balmy Toronto, Canada to complete lecture/lab selections, create the program and walk the conference hotel. I promise it’s not all fun and games. It’ll be 12 hours days in a 20’x20′ room and we’re not allowed out until we’ve finished (minus meals and bathroom breaks).

The 2017 conference will be the 7th North American Conference:

  • 2011 – Huntington Beach
  • 2012 – Atlanta
  • 2013 – Vancouver
  • 2014 – Chicago (kinda)
  • 2015 – Washington, DC
  • 2016 – Scottsdale
  • 2017 – Toronto

So what about 2018? Fearless leaders Wes Benn and Bob Bell are doing site inspections this week ahead of the committee meeting. They’ll have a pretty good idea of the final candidate locations but the rest of the North American Committee won’t know until a few weeks before the conference in Toronto.

Have you been anxiously awaiting to know if your abstract has been selected? Hold on just a bit longer. Acceptance, rejection and (in very few cases) acceptance with request for modification will go out about a week after the final program is complete.

Personally, I’m still pushing hard to select all 18 of Carl Storm’s proposals. At a minimum of 40 hours preparation per session that’s a total of 720 hours. Considering a year has 2200 business hours and we’re 6 months (about 120 business days or 960 hours) away from the conference – go ahead and get started now Carl! You’ve only got 6 weeks free over the next 26! Kick it into high gear now Carl…otherwise it’ll be straight 16 hour days till the conference.

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