Find out how to manage data and make it work for you at Data Day 2018

Data, data, data… Here, there and everywhere.  You may think it is irrelevant to our industry, but there is no denying the external forces of our data-soaked lives, have made there way into the AECO/FM industry.  Find out how to get on top of it, manage it and make it work for you, at:

Data Day 2018, Wednesday August 8, St Louis MO. 

  • Identify what ‘data’ is to the AECO/FM industry, and what the key challenges are, that our industry faces in relation to it
  • Identify what data matters most to your business, and what you can do to better seize its value
  • Develop a graphic ecosystem of ‘data management’ tools useful to those in our industry
  • Identify how data can be leveraged at each stage of a built project lifecycle for collective stakeholder benefit
  • Identify skills required within our industry to manage data
  • Learn what methods other industries have employed to solve similar issues.

See the speaker line up and schedule,  here! 

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We look forward to seeing you in St Louis soon. 

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