Flux-ing Around with Interoperability

A couple of weeks ago, I got introduced to a platform called FLUX IO…and I was amazed.


It’s like the ultimate interoperability tool.  Links Revit, Dynamo, Grasshopper, Sketchup, Unity3d, web viewing, google maps…and it could probably control my bread machine if I tried.


Some of the wackier functionality is featured on their labs page:


Some people have spoken about the tool at recent RTC events, but it’s still relatively unknown in the broader world.

We have been playing around with it in my office and I love it.  The speed of this thing is amazing.  It’s worth checking out and giving it a play.  Its ability to bi-directionally link excel and revit is astonishing.

Go now…. be the first amongst your friends.  Be the cool kid on the block with the new toy.

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