Flux.io – The Google Doc-ification Of BIM Workflows

Session: BILT Asia – Session 2.3 – Friday 31st March

What is Flux and what are people using it for? In this session you will see first hand how firms around the world are employing Flux on live construction projects to minimise data management pain and broaden participation in digital and automated workflows.

To get started with learning how people are employing Flux on their projects today, it’s useful to recap on what Flux is. Like any kind of ‘platform’ or ‘tool set’, it can be a lot of different things to different people. A hammer can have a different value to carpenter or a thief, so it’s important to present the tool in context! This is what this session is about.

First of all – consider Flux as three key components:

• Data
• Integrations
• Apps

Each of these components make up the whole Flux system or ‘platform’. However, each component can be used in isolation or by a different person in a team.

Data – Flux stores data on the web. Big deal right?! Everyone can do that these days. But Flux does something fundamentally different. It doesn’t store data as files. It stores data as data. Hence our tagline “Data Not Files”TM. More on that in the session.

Integrations – Flux integrates into existing design applications and software packages. Building makers already have tools that they know and trust (in some cases love!) Rather than create a new data silo, Flux connects into existing software applications, allowing data to flow in and out of each one.

Apps – Some people are never going to become advanced digital practitioners, and that’s ok! Flux Apps take complex workflows and package them in easy to use interfaces directly in the web browser. Flux Apps are about presenting data and geometry from the BIM in a mobile or web format that can be simply and easily consumed and modified, whether or not the user is a digital hero or a digital hermit!

Three customer success stories illustrate in depth how Flux was employed to modernize and streamline digital workflows in the field.

Anthony Buckley-Thorp is Managing Partner of the Flux Advanced Services + Technology (FAST) arm of Flux.io, a Silicon Valley based AEC Technology company born out of Google X.

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