Flying Solo to BCS Porto?

Have you registered to attend BCS Europe yet? If you have, we’re thrilled to know that you’ll be attending the Building Content Summit in Porto, Portugal on October 19th. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, have a look at our website and schedule page and see all that BCS Europe has to offer. It is going to be your one stop shop to discuss and learn all things about Content, from the industry’s best!

As with the two previous BCS events in North America, you’ll find the day full of meaningful and helpful conversations all of which enrich the digital content that drives the building industry. These conversations do not happen without the best minds in the room so we’d like to ask for your help in identifying colleagues you know should be there. As they say two’s company, three’s a crowd and four, well I’m not sure what four is. Usually people dash this line out when they want some alone time, well this is not what we are insinuating. We’d love for likeminded individuals to attend and spark further discussions.

If you know of 4 other individuals besides yourself, who should attend, go ahead and invite them. Let us know whom you’ve invited ( and if these four guests register, we’ll thank you with a free night’s accommodation at the conference hotel!

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