Flying the Friendly Skies

The BILT North America Committee meets this week in Seattle to review every abstract submission for this year’s Digital Built Event Week 2019 ( Seattle has a beautiful skyline – and we’ll all be very lucky if we get to see it during regular business hours.

How are you going to spend your weekend? We’ll spend ours in a large conference room for 12-16 hours a day from Friday to Monday (the horse trading of sessions begins Thursday night). Hopefully the conference room will have windows. The Toronto workshop was magical when it started to snow. :)

Abstract Submission stats (keep in mind this is across all 4 events)

  • Total Submissions: 375
  • Country of Origin: 13
  • Most Submissions: Carl Storms (obviously slacking off and down one from last year!)

By Event:


Event Type

By Country of Origin:

Country Origin

By Session Style:

Session Style

By Presentation Type:

Session Type

By Primary Focus:

Primary Focus

An there you have it! Good lock to everyone who submitted. If your session doesn’t get selected keep in mind there’s nearly 400 submissions and we only need around 90 sessions – so the odds are against you from the start. But then again you’re also amongst very good company. So don’t be discourage – get up, dust off and submit again for 2020.

And if you’ve been selected – you’re on notice. The competition is nipping at your heels!

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