Gallery Seating gets an Upgrade


Well, RTC Europe in Budapest is less than a week away! Hopefully all you really have left to do now is pack and finalize those Poster Competition entries to bring with. But if you are in the Gallery Seating of a lab, you may have one additional task. We have long provided two ways to attend a lab. “Class Seating” provides you with a computer and all the software needed for the session preinstalled, while “Gallery Seating” has been more like attending a Lab as a Lecture.

But this year where are expanding on that Gallery Seating concept. When you arrive at the session look for some posters on the wall, which will provide you with a link to download the full dataset for the session. And, before you leave for Budapest, look at the session description on the RTC Schedule. If your session uses software that you can download and install, you will find a list of links here.

Gallery software

When combined with the dataset this will allow you to be in Gallery Seating and yet still get the hands on learning that Labs are all about.

A few things to be aware of…

  • Not all sessions will have datasets. For example, in Harry Mattison’s programming sessions you start from nothing and create your own dataset in the session.
  • Not all software is publicly available. Some sessions may be showing you beta software, and Site Designer is only available on Autodesk Subscription, for example.
  • Make sure you have at least the software version shown. In most cases this is the current version, but in some cases it is just the minimum requirement. For example, Rhino is currently on SR11, but Grasshopper requires at least SR9.
  • Lastly, please make sure to Download, Install and TEST your software before your session, ideally before you leave for Budapest. You are going to be crazy busy during the conference, and you don’t want to miss out on anything while you are trying to get your laptop ready for a lab session.

Of course you can still attend a lab as a lecture if you want, but we hope that this expanded Gallery Seating idea makes the Labs even better for more of you “hand on learners.” See you in Budapest!


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