Get On Your Thinking Caps

It’s time to start thinking….”Do I Want To Present At BILT Asia 2018?”
We call for abstracts over the summer, we are already thinking about what kind of presentations we are looking for in 2018, and so should you.
Have you used BIM in Pre-Fabrication?  We want to hear about it.
Have you mixed BIM with Reality Capture?  We want to hear about it!
Have you used your models on a construction site in an integrated inspection workflow? We want to hear about it!
Actually used BIM in a facility management workflow?  We want to hear about it!
Discovered a streamlined way to send data from Revit to Rhino to Synchro to Costex to iTunes and back again?  I really want to hear about that….
Seriously though, the call for abstracts is coming this summer, the window won’t be open for long, we want you to be ready.
We want to give you the chance to share your excellence & experience.
We want you to join us.


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