Get Ready, Get Dressed…Go!

Two parts to this weeks update! Please read both parts or you’ll miss something really important! :)

Part One: Gala Dinner Theme

This year’s #RTCNA Saturday night’s Gala Dinner is themed “The 18th Century American Revolution” so please dress accordingly! If you’re looking for some ideas this website is a great place to start:

Gentlemen: Breeches, Waistcoat, Wig and Plain Cocked Hat at a minimum (don’t forget your walking stick!). If you’re the daring type, might I suggest full macaroni!

Gentlewomen: Silk Petticoats, Silk Stockings, Silk Gowns. Basically lots of silk. Bonus points for Corsets!

Part Two: Competition Entries

Please send us your competition entries!! There are some very cool prizes and peer respect to be awarded during the Gala Dinner – so what are you waiting for? Nothing – that’s what! So please send in your entries ASAP.

You will be judged in one or more of the following four categories: Integration, Documentation, Presentation and Innovation. We need both digital and hardcopies (11×17 format). And the digital versions will need to be uploaded ahead of time!

Full rules, regulations and requirements (including uploading instructions) are over here.

Thanks to CADLearning for sponsoring the Competition!

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