Get Ready to Grab that Early Bird Discount


A new week as dawning; and this week it means ‘REGISTRATIONS WILL OPEN IN A FEW HOURS’, so get on your fancy clothes, because you are about to save big on attending BILT Europe, BCS Europe or even both! It is going to be a full week of BIM, technology, and cross-disciplinary collaboration when we host both the Building Content Summit (October 3rd and 4th) and BILT (October 5th-7th) in the European Cultural Capital, Aarhus in the beautiful Kingdom of Denmark.

It is a week that reflects who we are as a community; we work with Buildings, Infrastructure, and Lifecycle – all supported by Technology. We are manufacturers, practitioners, digital engineers, virtual designers and contractors – and whatever your preferred technology is, we want to help you, your firm and the wider industry become more effective and productive.

BILT  @ Scandinavian Congress Center from October 5th to 7th 2017

We have handpicked a host of 58 speakers for the BILT conference to ensure that whether you are a seasoned member of our community or a freshman, be prepared to experience new and fresh presentations that drive improvement of our industry. Witness emerging technologies and wrap your head around their implications on our industry.

Seize this unique opportunity to engage with the cream of the crop in the industry; get perspectives on practical BIM collaboration in a Public-Private Partnership project, learn how to build your own VR BIM games, get the answer to how OpenBIM drives Facility Management, Maintenance and Operations. Maybe you want to explore the possibilities of Forge technology or sit down with Autodesk to ‘Design-A-Feature’ or learn how Project Fractal facilitates Generative Design.

The list of topics go on; we are addressing BIG data in the AECO industry and how to get there; the reinvention of extreme tunnel design, how to rethink organisational change and how to maintain complex interoperable workflows through multiple phases and teams.

We will hear stories from the front line of the ambitious (and local) Aarhus University Hospital currently under construction. We will venture into the darkest dungeons in a building and explore new thoughts on MEP workflows and routings -heck, we even have a class that claims to get your excited about a parking garage!


The Building Content Summit @ Godsbanen October 3rd and 4th 2017.

The Building Content Summit is your gateway to a community of extraordinary BIM practitioners with years of experience in 3D modelling. Here they engage building product manufacturers and content creators seeking to develop BIM content that is useful throughout the entire building lifecycle; from project conception to operations – and we want you to join us!

This is a unique opportunity for you as a content provider to interact with a passionate and experienced community; get immediate feedback on your current approach; obtain actionable recommendations on how you can fulfil your stakeholders’ needs for content and product data.

For the everyday users of manufacturer specific content, the Building Content Summit gives you direct access to the manufacturers who wants to make your daily tasks easier. Seize this opportunity to engage in a dialogue with manufacturers about your requirements and wishes for the BIM content you’ll be depending on during the design phase, at the construction site, and for facility management purposes.

We encourage manufacturers and content creators across Europe to ask themselves, would you want to miss out on the opportunity to establish a network that can make sure your BIM content efforts stay on track? And who can provide unbiased advice to help you get started on your journey?  We’re confident that you will not want to miss out and that is exactly why you need to attend the Building Content Summit, which is being held at Godsbanen.


So head on over to our website and grab that early bird discount – see you in Aarhus.



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