Get Your Laptops And Lederhosen Ready!

Are you not able to attend the BILT Asia because it is too far away or the dog ate your passport? Then we have another proposition for you; our friends with the AEC Hackathon are going to Munich on March 31st to April 2nd (so if the dog really ate your passport, you should be good if you are from a country in the Schengen-zone ;-)

It will also be an opportunity to give direct feedback on BILT to Silvia Taurer; who will be there for the weekend.

The AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) Hackathon is a weekend of geeking at its’ finest. It gives those designing, building and maintaining our built environment, the opportunity to engage, collaborate and interact on multiple aspects of the building industry. Not all built environment professionals have to code or have much background with tech. Just come with your knowledge, an open mind, collaborative spirit, and willingness to solve Mon-Fri problems leveraging various kinds of technology.

They have shaped an exhilarating Program on Robotics, Generative Design, IOT, AR/VR and web services for you!

Check out some of their speakers:
Matt Jezyk, Senior Product Line Manager, AEC Conceptual Design Products, Autodesk (USA)
Jaime Ronsales, Senior Developer Consultant FORGE, Autodesk (USA)
Maximilian Thumfart, Developer of Grevit, Dynamo for Rebar, Dynamo PDF (UK)
Robin-Manuel Thiel & Malte Lantin, Technical Evangelists, Microsoft Developer Experience (GER)
Sigrid Brell Cokcan, IP/RWTH Aachen & Johannes Braumann, UFG Linz – Robots in Architecture
– And many more…

Why you should not miss this event:
– Test out new cutting edge Technologies
– Connect with leading BIM Experts, Developers and Students
– Solve real world industry problems

Did we get you excited? If you’d like to learn more about the event, hop on over to

How can you engage in the event?

1. Come on by:
Join us for the weekend, observe, and offer your industry expertise to teams as needed. Encourage others in your company to join you as this is a great way to get exposed to new technologies and meet other innovators in top AEC firms.


2. Team up and solve industry problems:
Bring a problem you want to solve or a company/industry challenge. The Friday Night Lightning Rounds are open to all that want to propose an idea and form a team around improving some element of the design, build, operational process. Past teams have created high-tech solutions for tracking tools, high End BIM Solutions, using virtual reality for job site safety training, and much more. Visit their YouTube channel to watch  the past team’s presentation.

3. Learn how to develop on innovative software platforms:
If you are an IT affinitive User or a Software Developer and you always wanted to learn how to develop on FORGE, Dynamo Studio, KUKA Robot, Microsoft Mixed Reality, IoT Hub, Azure Functions and Cognitive Services come and join our free Developer Workshops in the afternoon before the event.

4. Take a look at the Prep Workshops

If you do go; lederhosen or not; I wish you an extremely fruitful hackathon :-)

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