Getting your Boss to Pay for RTC Asia (or at Least Pitch In!)

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Look, we know RTC is not a cheap ticket but putting the value of the event into context may help you convince your superiors to foot the bill for the event.

First, lets catalogue what you get:

  • 14 Class sessions at 75 minutes a-piece.  That’s 17.5 hours of hardcore Revit Training from experts at a rate of about $100/hour.
  • Autodesk Revit Certified Professional exam.  That’s worth $500.
  • breakfast lunch and dinner for all days of the events…that’s 9 meal’s!  The Friday night dinner is rumoured to be held at Tanjong Pagar Beach Club and the Saturday night Gala closer is at Park Royal Hotel.  This isn’t boxed $3 chicken-rice
  • The intangibles of networking and building a support system to help you solve problems the other 362 days of the year.

But the question remains, how do we get the skeptical boss to cover the cost… The key is to always bring it back to  “What is the Value to the Organization?”

Here are some ideas.

Idea 1:  Architects, Engineers and Builders are all expected to engage in continuing education to keep their skills and knowledge up date.  The world of technology in the buildings industry is moving at a rapid pace.  As a BIM professional, you need similar continuing education.  Events like RTC are the only place where such training is available and this is essential for you to be able to do the best work possible at your firm.  Explain this to your boss and put it in terms of how the event will help the business.

Idea 2a: RTC creates big value vs. a reseller training course.  Resellers teach you whats in the box, RTC teaches you to think outside of the box.  Tell the boss that you will teach others in your firm what you learned!  RTC isn’t for everybody; this event is for people who want to learn tricks that make your working time more productive and your life generally easier.  Going to RTC puts you in a position to be the office Revit Trainer, ELIMINATING THE NEED TO SEND PEOPLE FOR EXTERNAL TRAINING.  Would boss rather spend $2000 on your for 2 days lost time, or $1000/person to send staff for a 1 week training course every time a new body is hired?

Idea 2b: If you learn a trick at RTC that saves you an hour of time per month, and you teach other people in your office that trick, you start to multiply that one hour of improved efficiency across 10, 20, 30, 50 people.  Figure out the worker’s hourly rate to your organization and you can show that the cost of going to RTC vanishes against improved productivity within 6 months or less.

Idea 3: Embellish your personal commitment to BIM.  A reseller training course wants 4 days of company time to teach basics which you have already mastered.  RTC is 3 days long, only 2 of those days are on company time.  You are so dedicated to learning about advanced BIM that you will give up your own Saturday!

Idea 4: Dangle the Revit certification in front of them.  Given the growing client mandate for BIM across Asia, claiming such accreditation for your staff is a crucial aspect of bidding on big jobs.  Your boss wants people who have accreditation.

Idea 5: Offer to meet them halfway.  Tell them you are willing to cover half the price of the event if they will give you the time to do it.  I’ve been to AU in Las Vegas 8 times since moving to Asia and the only way iv’e convinced my bosses to pay for the conference was by paying my own money to get to America (which is not a cheap ticket!)  Looking for a 50% subsidy rather than a complete handout is an easier pill to swallow for a lot of organizations.

If all else fails, pay your own way.  I know it isn’t cheap, but its an investment in your own career.  Opportunity favors the prepared mind and 3 days of RTC prepares you to be the fire breathing BIM monster this world needs.  If you are reading this message, then you belong with us.

See you in September.

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