Global Challenges

Wonderful week in Singapore for the first BILT conference of the year. The scope and scale of projects in Asia are frequently monumental in size and Singapore is more often the rule rather than the exception. In the US, the most monumental of projects frequently serve a single purpose: stadium, hospital, hotel, transportation, museum, etc. This isn’t often the case in Singapore, where a project might have nearly a dozen uses within a multi-million square foot area.

If you’re from the US and really want to have your preconceptions of Revit, BIM and large project management challenged – take a moment and review these shared pics from the conference.

The pictures in the previous link are in no particular order and highlight before, during and after the conference. How would you propose organizing a project of the scope in the following image? This image is only a small portion of the immense, multistory retail and conference space adjacent to the Marina Bay Sands conference hotel.

Feeling a bit overconfident? Perhaps you should strongly consider attending next year’s BILT Asia conference. Arrive early and stay late. Walk around. Ask yourself how you would organize entire teams, disciplines and projects of this scale.

Be inspired!

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