Got Something To Say?

This is going to be the last push for abstract submissions for the BILT Europe 2017 event in Aarhus, Denmark. Let me give you an insight into what happens once you’ve submitted an abstract. Well to begin with we have to ensure all the submitted abstracts are complete abstracts.

We then allocate each committee member associated with the European event, a certain number of abstracts for them to review. Once reviewing has been completed by each reviewer, the committee will then work together on a number of conference calls to discuss and provide feedback on the abstracts they’ve reviewed. Prior to collectively meeting in Aarhus, they will try and sort all submitted abstracts into three categories – Yes, No, Maybe. When they arrive in Aarhus, they will start creating a schedule for the event in October.

In March we will then be in touch with those who have submitted to let them know if they have made it into the 2017 program or not. Even some of our biggest speakers don’t always fit into the scheduling. Just read what Marcello, our top speaker across all 2016 events wrote.

We try to match abstracts with the level of experience that we know professionals in the industry in that particular region have. Alternatively what you may find is that an abstract that you may have submitted in the past (or possibly for one of our other regional events) is highly applicable to this region. Hence why we highly encourage submitting your abstracts from other events across all events.

Once you’re accepted, it’s time for you to put your session materials together. Each speaker is required to submit 4-5 items, 1- handout, 2 -CPD questionnaire, 3 -Tips & Tricks slide and 4 – your session slides. For the 5th item this is optional unless you are a lab speaker and that is your datasets. All materials are very important as these benefit the delegates who attend, each item is unique and important in its own way.

Whilst being a speaker at our event gives you a reason to update your CV, if you make it to the top 10 speakers list, this becomes a greater motivation to update your resume. Being a speaker also helps you to learn more about the industry itself. During our BILT events we strive to provide a learning environment for everyone making their way to the event – whether you are an experienced speaker, delegate or otherwise.

This is YOUR opportunity, to learn, network and grow. So if you’re really keen to attend the conference as a speaker and you’ve got something to say, get your act together and submit an abstract ASAP. The deadline is Friday 27th January 2017, 11:59pm GMT. If speaking isn’t for you, then make sure you keep your eyes peeled for registration opening. You can currently register for BILT Asia taking place 30 March – 1 April 2017 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and registrations for BILT ANZ in Adelaide in 25 -27 May 2017 will open tomorrow.


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