‘Graphs and Gadgets

With BILT NA officially over, we hope you all had a wonderful and enjoyable time this year. To fully wrap up this year, we have a collection of photograph highlights for you to enjoy available via our facebook page, and can also announce the winners of this year’s Glorious Gadgets competitions!

VR competition winner with a massive score of 20475 – Mark J Schmith of Smith Seckman who has won the Clocky – the Alarm Clock that turns on and runs away – We’re sure he’ll enjoy that!

Backwards Bike competition winner  – Devin Campbell of OZ Architecture, who has won the Da Vinci Clock – a kit to put together a model based on Da Vinci’s invention and requires no electricity to operate!

Segway one competition winner – Doug Williams of Leo A Daly. He managed to complete a massive 7 laps around the Glorious Gadgets arena on one wheel and has won a desk-sized model steam engine  – a cool little gadget to light up and watch the magic beginning! 

Our Delegate Survey winner is Ryan Taube from Forum Studio who has won $250 Amazon Voucher – if you haven’t yet make sure you submit your feedback here

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